#NRCCevents, Data-driven HR: boost employee engagement & business growth

Nowadays, DATA is everywhere and can be used to jump to better results. From the human resources perspective, DATA is not just about making HR better, it’s about making organization better, therefore, driving business performance & growth.

Join us on September 12, in Bucharest, for a special NRCC Knowledge Center dedicated to this topic!

Who is coming?
2 highly experienced Dutch consultants that will share their experience in optimizing businesses by means of an efficient data management strategy.

What will you find out?
How to optimize (data) strategy work in order to:

– build engagement with every employee

– facilitate collaboration between teams and departments (create a culture of collaborative productivity)

– know and apply an in-depth understanding of organizational dynamics

– identify your organization’s potential

– effectively monitor recruiting, development, productivity, accountability, retention & many other workplace initiatives

– bring your organization one step further

and many more topics

Who is this for?
Representatives of medium management level of medium and/or big companies

Representatives of high management level of medium and/or big companies

What is the agenda?
The event will start at 18:30 and will be hosted by Hilton Hotel.
The presentation is followed by a Cocktail Drink, perfect set-up for exchanging ideas & making new connections.

How can you register?
Register at info@nrcc.ro until 11th of September.
Free access for NRCC members. Fee for external companies – 150 lei / person

Who is the organizer?
Founded in 2006, NRCC is a non-profit organization that supports and promotes the Dutch-Romanian business community. NRCC community now includes 185+ members, from 20+ industries.
More details are available here.

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